Underwater Photos

We are loving our underwater housing for our camera. Both my husband and I have the Canon Powershot SD800 SI.  We both got them when they first came out.  We thought while we both have the same camera, and while they are new, we should get the housing. I personally go though cameras about every 3 years.  The last Canon Powershot 450, I believe. It took 10, 000 photos before the flash stopped firing.  The camera before that, also a Canon Powershot, (see the pattern?) was thrown into our pool by our then, 18 month old son.  🙂  It too had taken about 10, 000 photos. Anyway,  this underwater housing has treated us well.  It’s mostly my husband that thinks to reach for the housing and I think it’s great.  He take awesome photos.  Here are a few from today’s swim session before dinner.

Mother’s Day Camping

For Mother’s Day, it was actually suppose to be for my birthday at the end of March but, this was the first opening there was. Anyway, we went camping in Long Key State Park. Long Key is in the Middle Keys, about 1/2 way between the top and Key West. What a great time we had. Now that I think about it, I’d better get to booking our trip for next year!

The view from this little restaurant called Lazy Days

Just a few feet off shore from our camp site... low tide

Time to eat after snorkeling, everyone is hungry and ready for some dinner.

The next morning Indie was the last one up. Believe me, the tent was not as comfortable as it looks. Next time we have to bring our air mattresses.

This was on the way home... now you see her....

Now you don't. 🙂

Very cool to be snorkeling with the the kids.

Florida Spiny Lobster

Me. This was actually my first time snorkeling. I might have done it briefly as a kid in a pool someplace but, that doesn't count.

Time for S'mores

Furthest point south in the Continental U.S. - Key West, FL.


We Are Swimming

When I say we, I mean, them. This is the 3rd afternoon this week the kids have taking a swim here in S. Florida. They still get very cold but apparently it’s worth it. Me, I’ll wait until the end of June, thank you! That’s when the water is like a bathtub… much more my style. I really, really don’t like cold water! It’s not fun, it’s not relaxing.

Summer is coming! Yes, these are forced smiles. I hate it when the flash doesn't fire right away and you have to say, "hold on, hold on! Keep that smile!"

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We love this strategy game. When grandma brought the kids Blockus a couple weeks ago it was the only game my son wanted to play. We play a few times a week. It’s a really awesome game that I very much recommend for any age! My husband and I love to play too.

His boy is great at Chess and Stratego as well. He loves strategy games.

The strategy of the game is to build a perimeter with your colored pieces in the largest area you can. Once you've done that, no one can get in, and you can't go out. You have to build only from your corners. Blue won this game.

Growing Mold for 4-H

We are slowing making our way though this year’s 4-H activity book – cooking.  The latest thing we are working on is food safety which covers bacteria and mold.  A couple of weeks ago we started growing mold on a piece of bread by following instructions in the booklet.  The kids have had a good time checking their mold every morning.  it’s finally photo-worthy.

My Pottery Class

I’m taking a pottery class with a friend of mine though the local community school.  We are doing the best we can to learn the techniques kinda on our own. The “teacher” isn’t much help.  She’s not a fan of “beginners.”  My friend and I have stuck out this 8 week session but starting next week we’ll be moving on to another high school, and hopefully a better teacher.  We would love to learn the basics of the potter’s wheel.  It’s not an easy thing to do but it is very fun!

Family in Town

We just had a really nice week with DH’s parents in town.  We always enjoy their visits.  We only wish they could say longer but we like any time we can get.  We’ll be visiting them again toward the end of the year….. until next time! 🙂

Getting a hug from Opa!

...and from Oma!

Since we just replaced our driveway with pavers and were nervous about the RV's weight on the bricks. Our gracious neighbors let them park in their drive.

It's kinda neat that my in laws bring their own living area. We have plenty of room in our house and they are alway welcome to come for a visit and stay in our house but! The kids love going into the trailer in the morning, they explore and just love the idea that they are at Oma and Opa's but also in our driveway!


We played several games of marbles in the trailer over the week. This is a new pastime brought on by Oma's gift of marbles.

Most of our time was still spent in our house. Here Oma is getting in on some action in our busy school room. I finally gave up on trying to have floor room, and put a table right in the middle of the room. We all like sharing a table as we work and this way we dont' have to clear the table at meal time we can just pick up where we left off later in the day.

Did you know?

Did you know there are legless lizards?  We ran into one living in our yard.  I was walking and was startled when I looked down to find what I first thought was a huge (4 inch) caterpillar.  I took another step only to see if back down into it’s hole.  I ran to get then kids and we waited and kept watching. We were soon convinced that it was a snake. We thought it was probably a juvenile black racer. After some research we found that this is most differently a lizard.  It is classified as such because it has ear holes as well as eyelids.  Interesting, huh!  I love impromptu science lessons! This was just feet from where we had living vs. non-living science experiment.