Underwater Photos

We are loving our underwater housing for our camera. Both my husband and I have the Canon Powershot SD800 SI.  We both got them when they first came out.  We thought while we both have the same camera, and while they are new, we should get the housing. I personally go though cameras about every 3 years.  The last Canon Powershot 450, I believe. It took 10, 000 photos before the flash stopped firing.  The camera before that, also a Canon Powershot, (see the pattern?) was thrown into our pool by our then, 18 month old son.  🙂  It too had taken about 10, 000 photos. Anyway,  this underwater housing has treated us well.  It’s mostly my husband that thinks to reach for the housing and I think it’s great.  He take awesome photos.  Here are a few from today’s swim session before dinner.

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