Mother’s Day Camping

For Mother’s Day, it was actually suppose to be for my birthday at the end of March but, this was the first opening there was. Anyway, we went camping in Long Key State Park. Long Key is in the Middle Keys, about 1/2 way between the top and Key West. What a great time we had. Now that I think about it, I’d better get to booking our trip for next year!

The view from this little restaurant called Lazy Days

Just a few feet off shore from our camp site... low tide

Time to eat after snorkeling, everyone is hungry and ready for some dinner.

The next morning Indie was the last one up. Believe me, the tent was not as comfortable as it looks. Next time we have to bring our air mattresses.

This was on the way home... now you see her....

Now you don't. 🙂

Very cool to be snorkeling with the the kids.

Florida Spiny Lobster

Me. This was actually my first time snorkeling. I might have done it briefly as a kid in a pool someplace but, that doesn't count.

Time for S'mores

Furthest point south in the Continental U.S. - Key West, FL.


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