Family in Town

We just had a really nice week with DH’s parents in town.  We always enjoy their visits.  We only wish they could say longer but we like any time we can get.  We’ll be visiting them again toward the end of the year….. until next time! 🙂

Getting a hug from Opa!

...and from Oma!

Since we just replaced our driveway with pavers and were nervous about the RV's weight on the bricks. Our gracious neighbors let them park in their drive.

It's kinda neat that my in laws bring their own living area. We have plenty of room in our house and they are alway welcome to come for a visit and stay in our house but! The kids love going into the trailer in the morning, they explore and just love the idea that they are at Oma and Opa's but also in our driveway!


We played several games of marbles in the trailer over the week. This is a new pastime brought on by Oma's gift of marbles.

Most of our time was still spent in our house. Here Oma is getting in on some action in our busy school room. I finally gave up on trying to have floor room, and put a table right in the middle of the room. We all like sharing a table as we work and this way we dont' have to clear the table at meal time we can just pick up where we left off later in the day.

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