Gingerbread House

Yes, we bought a kit. I thought I would be making a gingerbread house from scratch this year…. maybe next year. We have been baking and doing a lot of crafts and this is just easier and just as fun… maybe even more fun!  I “glued” the house together and the kids put all of he candies on.

Laying tile downstairs

Today we made the trip to Home Depot to pick the tile for our addition…. downstairs. This includes the the office, the hall, laundry room, and the large closet under the stairs. We went with a 16 inch tile… basicly one of the cheapest we could find. We wanted something other than white. We wanted a warm tone with browns. We love the new tile. 

Baking Cookies

The other day we made lime-chocolate cookies. I forget how excited the kids get when I want them to help out in the kitchen.

I let them put the dough on the sheet, then put their fingers on them to make a hole for the lime filling. They loved every second of it.

After we put the cookies in the oven, the kids pulled up something to sit on and sat right in front of the oven door and watched the cookies bake away.

It was fun. We’ll have to do that more often. I’ve also gotten them involved in making dinner with me. My almost 4 year old doesn’t eat a wide variety of foods. He won’t eat meat, or any veggies.

I’m hoping if he gets more involved with the food daily, he’ll be interesting in trying more things. Vegetables would be nice… the next thing I’d like to do is start a little vegetable garden. Winter is a good time to start one in Florida.

All about me! B @ 3

He only wanted to do this a couple of minutes this morning. I didn’t get a whole lot out of him. 🙂

What do you like about your family?: “I like J in the pool. I like my sister. I like to play tea cup with her. I like playing with a frog. I like to play with the music player with J. I like that J is a princesses.” 

What do you like about Papa?: “I like him being married with Mama” “When we get bigger, and bigger, we can be married?”

What do you like about Mama?: “I like playing on her computer.“

Do you go to school?: “School is in my house. We play school in my house. Can I play school now? I like school. I like when we are doing something. When you are showing me how to do on the paper. When we trace, and when we do stencils. “

What do you like to eat? “Pasta, Pizza. “ 

Food i don’t like: “Chicken, peas” 

Other things I like: “I like to play on the computer. ( and I like to play picture taking. I like the deep blue sea.”

    Most Thursdays we make a trip to our library to check out books and sometimes a video or two. We also like to catch story time when we can.
    This is what we have had checked out, and plan to return today.
  • Dinosaur dinners / written by Lee Davis.
  • Drat that fat cat! / by Pat Thomson ; illustrated by Ailie Busby.
  • The complete adventures of Charlie and Willy Wonka / Roald Dahl ; illustrated by Joseph Schindelman. (a fun book to read aloud to the kids)
  • Potty time with Bear [videorecording] / Jim Henson Company.(we are working on potty training both kids)
  • The Thanksgiving beast feast / Karen Gray Ruelle.
  • Thanksgiving Day / story by Anne Rockwell ; pictures by Lizzy Rockwell.
  • Farmer Brown shears his sheep : a yarn about wool / by Teri Sloat ; illustrated by Nadine Bernard Westcott (we loved this one!)
  • Mary and the fairy / written by Penny Dolan ; illustrated by Deborah Allwright.
  • Fire truck / Peter Sis.
  • The lot at the end of the block / Kevin Lewis ; illustrated by Reg Cartwright.
  • Zoo do’s and don’ts / Todd Parr.
  • K is for kissing a cool kangaroo / by Giles Andreae ; illustrated by Guy Parker-Rees.
  • The kids like the ones that rhyme the most. They are fun to read so I don’t mind checking those out. I try to pick out books on subjects that we have talked about over the week….not always though.