All about me! B @ 3

He only wanted to do this a couple of minutes this morning. I didn’t get a whole lot out of him. 🙂

What do you like about your family?: “I like J in the pool. I like my sister. I like to play tea cup with her. I like playing with a frog. I like to play with the music player with J. I like that J is a princesses.” 

What do you like about Papa?: “I like him being married with Mama” “When we get bigger, and bigger, we can be married?”

What do you like about Mama?: “I like playing on her computer.“

Do you go to school?: “School is in my house. We play school in my house. Can I play school now? I like school. I like when we are doing something. When you are showing me how to do on the paper. When we trace, and when we do stencils. “

What do you like to eat? “Pasta, Pizza. “ 

Food i don’t like: “Chicken, peas” 

Other things I like: “I like to play on the computer. ( and I like to play picture taking. I like the deep blue sea.”

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