Baking Cookies

The other day we made lime-chocolate cookies. I forget how excited the kids get when I want them to help out in the kitchen.

I let them put the dough on the sheet, then put their fingers on them to make a hole for the lime filling. They loved every second of it.

After we put the cookies in the oven, the kids pulled up something to sit on and sat right in front of the oven door and watched the cookies bake away.

It was fun. We’ll have to do that more often. I’ve also gotten them involved in making dinner with me. My almost 4 year old doesn’t eat a wide variety of foods. He won’t eat meat, or any veggies.

I’m hoping if he gets more involved with the food daily, he’ll be interesting in trying more things. Vegetables would be nice… the next thing I’d like to do is start a little vegetable garden. Winter is a good time to start one in Florida.

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