B's Knights Lapbook

For the past few days we’ve been working on our knights lapbook.  This works along side our KONOS lessons and sort of puts together a lot of what we’ve been learning. It’s great to have everything in one place!
B can take out his project and look at it over and over, remembering all of the fun things we did with this unit study and KONOS.
Lapbooks are very versatile.  You can usually find printables and information on the web for all subject, especially kids this ages.
Who doesn’t enjoy cutting, and gluing.  I did help him 
cut a lot of the shapes but he did all of the

coloring/drawing, and most of the gluing for this project.  We just did a little every day this week. 
I went to a Tobin’s Lab workshop at the last FPEA
 homeschool convention and she suggested that you should never try to complete a lapbook at once.  While you are working on a unit study, gather all of your activities, printouts and other stuff you want to add to your lapbook. She also suggested keeping all of the things you collect in a ziplock bag. When you are done with your unit, you then get everything out and start to build your lapbook.  This is what we did and B was really towards the end of the unit because he knew the information and was able to easily do the activities like label a castle and a knight.  

He is very much into medieval stuff now.  It’s great  that we homeschool and the kids can really dig into a subject and stick with it.  They learn so much   more when they study things they like.  🙂
This lapbook ended up being a few pages long.  I wanted to make room to add some more.  We always seem to have more to add to the lapbooks we’ve done.  I used 4 file folders total.


Our homemade king and queen costumes for KONOS

Today we went to my mom’s house and made our basic king and queen costumes for KONOS unit Obedience.  We’ll be having our medieval feast Sunday after next at a friends.  We still have lots of activities and recipes to do before then.  For the costumes went closely to how the suggest KONOS book, just some slight modifications to make it easier on us.  My mom has many lots of clothes so I just went with her ideas.  They look pretty good.  We’ll take more pics once we have the crowns made.

J’s neck line was a little big but my mom added a collar that helped with that.


KONOS Volume 1 – Kings and Queens – photo summary

We have really enjoying our KONOS activities so far.   KONOS seems to be a good fit for our family.  Doing all of the great, hands on activities really keeps us into the unit.  I think they may actually remember studying Kings and Queens, even at this young age.   We’ve  had a tea party and made a queen cake.  We’ve played checkers, and they have put on skits for me in their rooms.   J has a Mega Block castle where they pretend to slay dragons and save the princess!  They have been dressing up almost daily.  

  Making the Queen Cake
Tea Party

Dress up!

Playing Castle
Learning how to play checkers before we can move on to chess

Our official first day of school – 2008-2009!

We officially started school today.  B is now a kindergartner.  We will be using KONOS  this year.  KONOS was the first homeschool curriculum I fell in love with about 3 years back (way to early to use for my now 4 and 5 year olds). We seem to be more of a unit study family.  


I thought of going with a curriculum that was more laid out for us with everything included but I’m sure we would get bored.  We love going to the library every week and picking up books on subjects we find interesting.  KONOS is one big unit study that just keeps going.  I also have a friend locally that i
s also doing KONOS.  This is her second year with volume 1.  We will start,  obedience, and co-op along with her family.  We live about 30 miles apart

 so we will only get together twice a month but that should be fine.  We can do some of the hands on stuff together and bounce ideas off each other to keep us motivated.  
For handwriting we are using Handwriting without Tears, K and Pre-K.  For phonics we are using Explode the Code 1, and A.   We’ll be doing a lot of nature walks and some journaling.  I hope to start each day with Bible and reading then moving into Math-U-See and phonics.  I think well do those 3 subjects daily along with KONOS.  We’ll see how it goes.  Should be fun!