A trip to the park to get in some nature

The kids still have colds and B is still moving a little slow but I really wanted to get out of the house for a little bit so I thought, it’s Friday, let’s go spend some time in a park with nature. ¬†The kids seem to always enjoy doing this. ¬†We brought all we needed to check out the nature around us. ¬†We had the “bug looker”, ¬†binoculars, ¬†a butterfly net, ¬†our nature journal, paper and colored pencils, etc. ¬†We had a nice time. I wish it was a little cooler but we did pretty well.

Brian tired very hard to catch a either a butterfly or a dragonfly but had to settle instead on a little beatle walking on the path. ¬†It worked out fine. ¬†ūüôā

Little Miss J did pretty good drawing this flower for a 4 year old!  I was impressed!
We’ve only just started nature¬†journaling¬†this year. ¬†I put everything in one binder for now. ¬†I have divided¬†sections¬†for each of them and a pouch to hold stuff to draw with and to collect things with. ¬†We’ll see how it goes. I’d like to do this at least once a week if we can. We are doing KONOS¬†Attentiveness¬†next which is a lot of nature stuff it should be good. ¬†Will be easier too getting out in the cooler fall/winter weather down here.


J got a scooter for her 4th birthday last month and we hadn’t taken them out yet (away from the driveway in front of the house). ¬†Today was the first of many time. I love how light and easy they are to bring along. ¬†I get¬†exercise¬†too walking along with them in the park

Wildlife in our neighborhood

A couple of weeks ago, while on our evening walk, we noticed woodpecker holes in a dead palm tree. ¬†As we approached, we saw an adult¬†woodpecker¬†leaving the tree and I told the kids to go up to the tree and see if they hear babies. ¬†Sure enough! ¬†We could really hear them¬†chirping¬†away. ¬†We hung around for a while looking and listening carefully. ¬†A couple nights ago we stopped back by to check on them and my husband put his camera in the hole and took a ¬†quick photo. ¬†Looks like there are 2 live¬†babies¬†and one that didn’t make it. ¬†We’ll keep an eye on the tree/nest. ¬†I love seeing wild life and nature right in the middle our neighbor here in South Florida.

April Showers class at a local nature center

Today we had a class with some¬†homeschool friends at the local nature center. First, we¬†went out and collected 5 flowers we would later press into a book we were making. It’s a¬†great¬†book we can add pages to in the future.¬†Also in the class today we learned about spring showers and how the water cycle works. We have been going over this at home so it was a perfect time for this class. The kids seemed to really enjoy it.¬†This is right up Beluga’s¬†alley. At 3 1/2 that’s all she wants to do. Every time we go outside she’s looking for flowers to pick and bring home. I have¬†a little bud vase she put them in. We keep it on the kitchen table a lot. Many mornings we have woken up to ¬†a dandelion seed¬†explosion all over the table. ūüôā¬†