Playmobil Fun Park

Today we went to Playmobil Fun Park which is about 30 miles from the house.  This was the first time we’ve been. It’s $1 to get in but then you are tempted by the store on the way out. I let the kids get one thing and they wanted take a long kits.  We met up with some friends there and stayed for more than 2 hours.  It was a perfect escape from the S. Florida sun and time to have fun with friends.

April Showers class at a local nature center

Today we had a class with some homeschool friends at the local nature center. First, we went out and collected 5 flowers we would later press into a book we were making. It’s a great book we can add pages to in the future. Also in the class today we learned about spring showers and how the water cycle works. We have been going over this at home so it was a perfect time for this class. The kids seemed to really enjoy it. This is right up Beluga’s alley. At 3 1/2 that’s all she wants to do. Every time we go outside she’s looking for flowers to pick and bring home. I have a little bud vase she put them in. We keep it on the kitchen table a lot. Many mornings we have woken up to  a dandelion seed explosion all over the table. 🙂