Happy 4th of July

We live about 2 miles from the local University where they have a fireworks show every year. We thought this would be a good year to walk over and check out the show. It started at 9. We didn’t go where we would find crowds, instead we just mosied around and ended up on an empty road when the show started and that’s were we stayed to watch. It was perfect. Not to close so it wasn’t too loud but we could still hear the music from the event going on the other side of campus.

The kids finally moved into their new rooms!

We are finally getting the kids into their rooms. We still don’t have the C/O yet but we really want to get them out of the cramped room they are sharing with all the stuff and get them into their new HUGE spaces. VERY EXCITING and just in time for naps. GG (Grandma) is over and watched a movie with them while we get everthing moved up and into place. Thanks GG!