80 degrees and perfect!

I asked the kids this morning what they would want to do today of they could do anything. They said the beach so here we are. We only live a couple miles from the beach.

They are having a blast digging in the sand and running around while I relax. My only tiny complaint is the few little blue man-a-war as have to watch out for.

I have meatballs and sauce in the Crockpot and after dinner we’ll head to our local Christmas festivites.

Merry Christmas!!!

Soccer practice

Sitting at our son’s soccer practice. It’s about 65 and breezy… Pretty chilly for here because of the humidity. We’ve been back from our Thanksgiving vacation for a couple of days now and playing catch up! Christmas is fast approaching. I ordered Christmas cards today and need to start baking for neighbors, and a cookie exchange starting tomorrow…..

Indie's first soccer game

Indie had the best time at his first soccer game.  We are OK with him not being the most aggressive boy on the team.  🙂  He did great!  

Beluga and Ballet

Beluga has really been loving her ballet classes.  This is the second 8 week session she’s been in and she’s excited each week.  The teacher, Miss Irene, kicks parents out of the room as class starts each day so Indie and I walk around, hang out on a blanket or we sometimes hit the playground next door.  I think Indie likes the one on one time with me and Beluga gets her me time in her class.

Almost the end of our swim lessons

We only have 2 more weeks of swim lessons left and we’ll be missing one of those to go to our local homeschool convention next weekend. We have loved learning water safety and the basics of swimming but it’s a 12 mile drive each week that I’d like to avoid. I wanted J to be comfortable in the pool before we stopped that we’ve accomplished that goal. Very exciting!!! We have a pool in our back yard so we’ll be swimming most afternoons this summer. We’ll probably do some school work in the morning then swim and relax in the afternoon if we aren’t out and about or with friends.

April Showers class at a local nature center

Today we had a class with some homeschool friends at the local nature center. First, we went out and collected 5 flowers we would later press into a book we were making. It’s a great book we can add pages to in the future. Also in the class today we learned about spring showers and how the water cycle works. We have been going over this at home so it was a perfect time for this class. The kids seemed to really enjoy it. This is right up Beluga’s alley. At 3 1/2 that’s all she wants to do. Every time we go outside she’s looking for flowers to pick and bring home. I have a little bud vase she put them in. We keep it on the kitchen table a lot. Many mornings we have woken up to  a dandelion seed explosion all over the table. 🙂 

What we have been up to

I haven’t been keeping up. Not even close. Every time I think of doing this I think it will be too much work at that moment and then I never get back to it. I’d love to have a nice history of our days so I’m going really try harder and carve our a little time to do it, MUCH more often. 🙂