School Planning

It’s that time again. Lots to do and think about before we officially start school again in August. We have been taking it easy for the past 3 weeks. Both kids finished up math. Indie is just finishing up the last few pages of his Explode the Code 2 1/2 book before vacation. The week after we return from vacation will be my big planning week. After that week, we’ll officially start first grade with Indie using Galloping the Globe. Beluga, 5 in August, will be doing Math U See – Primer, Handwriting without Tears – K, Getting ready for the Code – B (pre-Explode the Code). She’ll be Galloping along with Indie and I as well. Indie 6 1/2 – first grade, will be starting Math-U-See – Beta, Explode the Code 3, and he might do some handwriting with us as well. (Indie has GREAT handwriting but sometimes he forms the letters and numbers in strange ways. Like when he makes a number 9, he will first start with a line coming down, then will form the top of the letter (the C) from the bottom up. The end result is very nice looking but will be time consuming when he later tires to write more sentences, etc.)

I am not exactly sure how I will be tracking our lessons yet. Last year, I used a 2 page planner that I really liked but I’ve made my own this year that has a little more room to write. I probably log too much information but I think it will be fun to look back on down the road. We have recently started using workboxes and at first I felt the need to track the workboxes 1-10 (we are only doing 10 boxes for now) so I also made a 2 page planner with numbers. Not sure that will work for me though. We’ll see how it goes as we start GTG.

Hopefully I get around to posting more of our planning and school happenings.

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