Thank You Notes

We have received some really great gifts this Christmas.  Now, we need to thank everyone who gave them.  We’ll be doing our thank you notes starting this week.  In this past, it’s taken us a week or two to get them all done.  I try to make the activity fun, and let them stop when they show signs of  loosing interest.  My almost 6 year old will write a few sentences, my 4 year old might do the same this year.  I usually get them to dictate what they want to say, then I write it out on paper or on a board in front of them to copy.   I get out stickers, glue, scissors, markers, colored pencils, the whole tool box of fun. I was browsing around this morning and found a neat site on this subject on the PBS site I thought I’d share.  Check it out!
Happy writing!!! 🙂


Indie making a birthday card for his stuffed animal. 🙂


Lots of stickers and colored pencils.

Lots of stickers and colored pencils.

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