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Finished up MUS Primer! ūüôā



Kindergarten School Day #63.  

Indie¬†(6 y/o in February) is moving right a long. ¬†He has finished both his PHONICS – Explode the Code book 1, and MATH – Math-U-See Primer¬†(started last May) books this week. ¬†These are the two subjects I want him to do at least 4 times a week. ¬†I¬†usually¬†ask him to do two pages of each, each session. Sometimes he does more but the norm is two pages of each. ¬†Daily, we also read lots of books. We start with bible stories. ¬†Right now, we are working from the Veggie Tales Family Devotional. This usually starts our school day, on the couch. Then we move on to other books. ¬†If we are not reading for a unit from KONOS or Five in a Row, most recently horses, then we read random library books we’ve picked up for the week. We are also working though the¬†Magic Tree House Chapter Books that both kids are into. We usually read MTH at bed time. ¬†We are currently on book 15, Viking Ships at Sunrise. We started this series at the beginning of the school year as well. ¬†I like them because they take you to different geographic locations at historic times. You learn a little about each culture and/or a famous location or event. ¬†They are just fun. ¬†Yes, it’s a magic tree house but it’s a fun way for the kids to get¬†interested¬†in history and geography. ¬†A lot of the books also have research¬†guides as well.¬†

Indie only does¬†Handwriting Without Tears¬†every week or so but he gets a lot of handwriting practice from doing his math and phonics work, there is a lot of writing with both books. ¬†He has pretty good handwriting in general, and he tries hard every time he writes. ¬†He prides himself on making good looking letters and numbers. ¬†At the start of the school year, I was concerned that he was holding his pencil wrong, and starting his letters in the wrong spot, but he’s gotten better over the weeks. ¬†I have to be¬†gentle¬†when correcting him other wise he wants to throw in the towel, and give up. ¬†He needs lot of praise before correction. “I love how you make that A, you are doing great! ¬†Can you just move your finger a tad to the left?” or “Awesome letter O, next time, lets try to start that O at the top!” ¬†ūüôā

Preschool Day # 63

Beluga 4, is plugging right along…. having fun. She is right there with Indie and I as we read books, and from time to time she’ll do table work but, lately she’s been more interested in crafts, drawing, painting, and Play Doe, while Indie and I are working on school work. ¬†That’s OK. ¬†She’s learning every day. ¬†There is plenty of time for her to do table work when she is older. ¬†I did buy her Get Ready for the Code Book A, and she has a Handwriting without Tears Preschool book that she insists on doing sometimes. ¬†She also asks to do Math-U-See sometimes but she is mostly interested in playing with the blocks. ¬†ūüôā

Indie is also signed up for 4-H were we are learning about birds. ¬†We are looking forward to the birding field trips and watching birds on nature walk in our neighborhood and in local parks. ¬†We’ll soon be starting a KONOS unit including birds that we are looking forward to.

In addition to school work, Indie is doing soccer 2x a week, and weekly homeschool P.E. class for 3 hours.  Beluga is in ballet once a week.

I’m sure I’ve forgotten something but for now, that’s it.

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