Books and Curriculum

We will be using Konos this year for our main curriculum.  I’m really excited to get started!  I’ve been getting ready.  My favorite Konos information I’ve found is from Sprittibee.  She is SO organized and makes it seem possible to use Konos successfully. 🙂 If you do a google search for Konos organization you’ll find links to her blog.  We’ll officially start school this year just after Labor Day. Actually, we really haven’t stopped this summer we just do less and I try to make everything more fun.  B will start Kindergarten this year and J will be doing stuff along side us.  I love lapbooks and plan to do as many as we can of different subject.  Last year, Five in a Row was big for us.  We’ll continue rowing some books this year as well.  I love Five in a Row.  The booksare awesome and we never mind reading them over and over.  Some, like Lentil, we’ve read well over 5 times.  I started off just rowing the books I could find at our local library but then ended up buying quite a few used at  You can also buy lots of Five in a Row books on e-bay.  Most of the books are so good you’ll want to have them in your home library.  
This summer we’ve been reading some good books.  B is almost 5 1/2 and is really close to reading on his own. I think he can read but lacks some confidence.  We’ve just discovered the Magic Tree House Series.  Here is a review from  B and J have liked chapter books for a while now but these seem to really hold their attention.  They usually want me to read the whole book in one setting (this only takes 30 mins. or less).

A great book we checked out from the library, and love is The American Story which is  series of 100 short stories from American History.  They are short enough to hold everyone attention.  
Another book I love is Discovering Great Artists.  Each page has an artist and their story along with a project kids can do in the style of that artist.  We plan do get into some of these projects this year.  I might co-op some. It’s always neat to do projects with other families.  Makes it more fun and exciting.

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